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Transform your team's wellness with Fitlink for Teams - the ultimate platform for fitness-driven employee engagement. Drive motivation and incentivize healthy habits with rewards that promote overall health and happiness.

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Fitlink connects to all major activity trackers and wearables via Apple Health and Google Fit, and syncs directly with Strava and Fitbit.


Use the friend search function to find friends, colleagues, or inspirational athletes and professionals to follow.


Put the fun into fitness by creating or joining optional activity leagues. Keep moving to earn points and make your way up the leaderboard.


Earn points for getting active, and unlock a handpicked selection of exclusive rewards that are worth working for.


Use the activity finder in the app to search, filter, and find the activity or group that’s just right for you.

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day dramatically increases the risk of premature death meaning the Sedentary Worker is literally dying at their desk.

Inactivity is often described as a “silent killer”

Isolation and loneliness are growing problems and more so now than ever in these challenging remote times.

Remote Worker Problems

63% of adults are classified as obese and 83% of people don’t take the recommended level of daily exercise. 1 in 3 children leaves primary school overweight or obese.

We’ve accidentally designed movement out of our daily lives

The pandemic has taken its toll and 1 in 4 UK workers plan on changing jobs as they feel burnt out and stressed.

The Great Resignation