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We Gameified Health

How do you spark that motivation?

Through points, rewards, challenges, social interactions, activities, likes, badges, and more. Once they start, they won't stop. We help teams create healthy habits.

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Team Dashboard and Website

Team Admins manage the rewards, leagues and activities, plus view team anonymised health data via a comprehensive dashboard.


Instantly view all your health and fitness data in one simple view. Track goals, see friends activities, and the points you need to unlock another amazing reward.


Our Social feature lets you follow other users, see their activities in your feed, and share goals, making it easy to connect and stay motivated on your fitness journey.


Turn fitness into a fun, engaging competition with our activity leagues feature. Earn points for being active and strive for the top of the leaderboard, making fitness an exciting part of your day


Earn points for every tracked activity and unlock enticing rewards, from smoothies to Fitbits, with our Rewards feature. Making your fitness journey rewarding has never been this fun.


Never get bored with your workouts again. Discover new and exciting nearby activities with our activity finder map, helping you stay motivated and enjoy your fitness routine.

Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day dramatically increases the risk of premature death, meaning the Sedentary Worker is dying at their desk.

Inactivity is often described as a “silent killer”

Isolation and loneliness are growing problems and more so now than ever in these challenging remote times.

Remote Worker Problems

63% of adults are classified as obese, and 83% of people don’t take the recommended level of daily exercise. 1 in 3 children leaves primary school overweight or obese.

We’ve accidentally designed movement out of our daily lives.

The pandemic has taken its toll, and 1 in 4 workers plan on changing jobs as they feel burnt out and stressed.

The Great Resignation.