Rewards work. Why?

Because people love to win.

Because sometimes we need a little something to motivate us to get started.

Because all of these lead to the most meaningful reward of all; a changed life.

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The victory is even sweeter
when it marks a personal achievement.

As goals are achieved and points are earned, users can unlock and redeem a handpicked selection of great health and fitness-related rewards. We negotiate exclusive discounts and offers from our reward partners to give you better discounts, promotions, and more.


And many more...

With love. 🥰

Bespoke, relevant and valuable to your people.

In addition to our existing rewards, you can also add your own. You have full control over the rewards via your dashboard. Adding incentives that are meaningful to your people specifically can boost the success of your employee wellness campaigns.

Need ideas?

How about free yoga classes, a free smoothie, fitness trackers and gadgets, spa vouchers, lunch vouchers, 1-hour off work, a day off work, a free getaway? The options are endless.

Give a little love.

Because it feels even better when we’re helping people and planet.

Workouts and team challenges can become even more meaningful with the option to earn points that convert to donations for charity. You can also make your miles count for the environment by using your points to fund some tree planting in areas of need around the country.

Share the love.

Become a reward partner.

Our users are already falling in love with brands who are cheering them on and motivating them to achieve their fitness and wellness goals. Well, that’s what it feels like to them when they get rewarded with things like exclusive discounts for the products and services they love.

Are you interested in joining this wellness movement and offering these beautiful people some extra motivation? We’d love to talk with you.

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