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  • Individual


    Fitlink App lets you create personal health goals and track them daily; and rewards you for it. You gain the motivation and power to lead a healthier life.

    • iOS and Android apps
    • Connect your wearable or activity tracker app of choice
    • Follow friends to see and like their activities
    • Join public leagues and create your own private leagues
    • Earn points for tracking activities and spend them on unlocked rewards
    • Discover nearby classes, routes and group activities plus add your own
  • Team

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    per user

    For a flat fee, unlock a suite of tools designed to elevate your team's wellbeing. Enjoy a 30-day free trial, a dashboard full of team insights, custom leagues, and the power to create your own rewards.

    • 30 day free trial
    • Dashboard with team analytics
    • Create custom team leagues
    • Create your own rewards
    • Access to sponsored rewards
    • Team based activities
    • Custom branded website
  • Enterprise

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    If you have more than 1000 team members, please get in touch directly, as we are able to offer bespoke deals for higher volumes.