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We believe that promoting fitness, health, and wellness shouldn't be a solitary effort. With our new affiliate program, 'Friends of Fitlink', it can be a rewarding journey that brings people together, fostering a community centered around wellness and shared success.

Earning Potential

As a Friend of Fitlink, your earnings are directly tied to the number of customers that sign up for Fitlink for Teams through your unique referral link. Imagine you refer a customer with 1000 employees. If 20% of those employees (200) become users then the customer's monthly bill would be £200/$240. As an affiliate, you would earn 30% of this amount for the first 6 months, which works out to £360.00 / $432.00. If you refer a lot of traffic and only 1 customer signs up each day then thats £10,800.00 / $12,960.00 earning potential per month. There's no cap on your earnings, so the sky is the limit!

Easy and Rewarding

Becoming a Friend of Fitlink is simple and rewarding. All you need to do is sign up for free, share your unique link on your social media platforms, emails, blog posts, wherever you connect with your audience, and start earning. Every customer that signs up for Fitlink for Teams via your link will earn you money. It's that easy!

Resources to Help You Succeed

We want to set you up for success, which is why we provide a range of resources to help you promote Fitlink for Teams. This includes content, articles, images, tips, and guides that you can share with your audience. We're here to support you every step of the way.

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With a commission of 30% on the first 6 payments of every referred customer, you can earn while helping us spread the benefits of Fitlink for Teams. Sign up and start your rewarding journey with us!

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