Love it? Sync it.

Bring the wearables and apps you love, and track your wellness achievements in one place.

Track sleep, mindfulness, water and activity to build wholesome habits for a happy lifestyle.

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Because it’s better when we’re together.

Compete with friends and colleagues, even when you’re using different trackers. It’s the power of all of your favourite apps and wearables, working together to give you one connected experience.

One app to set goals, monitor achievements, join friends, share your wins, earn points, unlock redeemable rewards, and discover new routes and classes.

Just move.

Fitlink connects to all major activity trackers and wearables via Apple Health and Google Fit, and syncs directly with Strava, Fitbit and Suunto.

So all you have to do is move. Your way. Once you’re connected, Fitlink automatically pulls in your activity data and converts your movement into points that unlock rewards. It doesn’t matter if you use different apps for tracking your swims, runs, walks, HIIT workouts or yoga sessions; any movement counts.

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Fitlink app on two mobile devices
  • Activity notification on app
  • Steps notification on app
  • Sleep notification on app