Active Travel:
Vital For People.
Vital For The Planet.

The future is active.

Movement is the magic cure. It makes people happier and healthier, and it breeds thriving communities. Active travel can produce life-changing, sustainable benefits that have significant economic and social value.

It’s a no-brainer…


Boost employee wellbeing.

Physical activity results in less stress, clear minds, and happy, motivated, and productive people.


Improve sustainability.

Reducing the amount of cars on the roads will have a powerful impact on air quality, congestion issues, and car park demands.


Promote safety & inclusion.

Fewer cars mean safer streets for people, and more opportunity for social contact with other community members.

The growth in road transport has been a major factor in reducing levels of physical activity and increasing obesity

Public Health England

Give people the tools to make the move to Active Travel.

It’s about equipping people with the right tools for the job and giving them the friendly nudge they need to do it. Smart tech can help. Every one of Fitlink’s features is designed to inspire people to get active, to make the healthier choice, to achieve wellness and sustainability goals and to thrive in work and life.

Build it and they will move.

See your worforce thrive in an active environment. Create the conditions, opportunities, and motivation for people to easily incorporate activity into their everyday lives; and they will.

Health-promoting transport systems are pro-business and support economic prosperity. They enable optimal travel to work with less congestion, collisions, pollution, and they support a healthier workforce

Activity in app

We’re active.

Active Travel works for us. We want to see it work for you too. Our team is comitted to inspiring people to move, and loving and respecting the planet as our ultimate source of wellness. Because the benefits are life changing.

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Gain the tools to inspire people to want to move. To get started. To not feel alone. Because they can. Because it works, it’s fun, and everybody can get in the game.

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