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  1. Comprehensive Dashboard: Access an all-in-one dashboard that provides insights into your team's wellness and performance.
  2. Pop-Up Activities: Engage your team with fun and spontaneous wellness activities.
  3. User Stats: Analyse anonymous user data to understand the location and department-specific wellness trends.
  4. Targeted Communication: Message specific groups within your team to share challenges, rewards, and company news.
  5. Custom Rewards: Create personalised rewards that resonate with your team's preferences and goals.
  6. Charitable Options: Support climate action projects and contribute to tree planting initiatives.
  7. Sponsored Rewards: Enjoy access to exclusive discounts, vouchers, and coupons from Fitlink partners.
  8. Custom Benefits: Tailor benefits to your company's unique offerings and showcase them to your team.
  9. Leagues and Challenges: Foster friendly competition and team collaboration through fitness challenges.
  10. Interactive Map: Discover and contribute to your area’s crowdsourced activities, classes, and events.
  11. Event Management: Organise physical or virtual events, invite attendees, and track participation.
  12. News and Updates: Stay informed with relevant company news and wellness-related updates.
  13. Account Customisation: Brand your account with your company logo and customise admin settings.
  14. Flexible Billing: Pay only for active users at the end of each month.

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